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Imagine, if you were the one behind the railing and your best friend was on the edge. What would you do? What would you say? “Don’t do it.” “I love you.” What is there to say?….And then they go. They do it, they lean back and that’s it. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone forever.

i will never not reblog this everytime she falls it feels like the girl behind the railing is somehow going to catch her, this is so sad and so meaningful.

i’ll never understand where does gifs like this comes from. if this isn’t movie,  what the fuck was someone doing while he was recording this?!?! and then if it is movie, can someone tell me which one? 


Mi papá tiene 47 años= my dad is 47 years old

Mi papa tiene 47 anos= my potato has 47 assholes

I love spanish

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this might be my very first pair of TOMS o.o